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Get HandyPitcher™ to add a handle and turn any bottle into a handy pitcher


HandyPitcher™ is available at wholesale level

Do you need The HandyPitcher™ in larger quantities?

Wholesale pricing is available for:
► Retailers with online stores, mail-order sales or physical stores
► Organizations that cater to people with special needs
► Care facilities for seniors or people with special needs
► Anyone with the need for HandyPitcher™ in larger quantities

Being the manufacturer of the Handy Pitcher™, we are flexible and we have the ability to work with you in regards to packaging design, quantity each package (single pack, multi-pack) etc.

Please feel free to contact us so we can discuss details and provide you with a customized price quote.

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You may download or print the flyer for your use. Feel free to share it with others that might have an interest in the HandyPitcher™ and could benefit from its use to enhance their quality of life.

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HandyPitcher Bottle Handle at wholesale
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HandyPitcher™ on a 2 liter plastic bottle