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Get HandyPitcher™ to add a handle and turn any bottle into a handy pitcher


Turn any soda bottle into a Handy Pitcher™

Stop struggling with 1.5, 2.5 or even 3 liter plastic bottles that are difficult to hold and pour. You can now quickly add a handle to large bottles and milk cartons.



is a handle that was designed to quickly and easily attach to soda bottles, milk cartons, glass bottles and many other containers.
When you add a HandyPitcher™ handle to the bottle, pouring the liquid is safer and easier to do for anyone.

Instead of having to use both hands to hold the flimsy and thin plastic bottle to prevent it from crumbling, the HandyPitcher™ bottle handle attachment requires only one hand to pour the liquid while allowing you to use your other hand to hold the cup or glass in place.

Use over and over for years to come!

HandyPitcher handle to pour soda

HandyPitcher™ on a 2 liter plastic soda bottle

By the way, the very HandyPitcher™ handle you see in the picture above is still in daily use today at the original inventor's house - 25 years after it was invented in 1998!

This is a high quality product, made in USA!

Mom, dad, the kids, grandma and grandpa can use the

Handy Pitcher™

to easily add a handle to carry bottles and pour liquids without messy spills. You no longer need to use two hands to hold the bottle while pouring and you can use the other hand to hold the glass or cup in place.