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History of the HandyPitcher™

Hello and Welcome

I am Wolfgang Link and I am the inventor of the original HandyPitcher™ bottle handle that attaches to soda or glass bottles and milk cartons or similar containers to turn them into an easy to use pitcher.

The year was 1998 and I almost had yet another mishap with one of those clear 2 liter soda bottles which appear to be getting thinner and thinner and more and more flimsy and difficult to handle.

We all know that 2 liter bottles are heavy and as soon as you open them to pour your soda, they bend and collapse and you have to use two hands to hold them safely while pouring.

But using two hands on the bottle created another problem ..... how do you hold the cup to prevent it from tipping over when the soda stream hits the inside wall of the cup? Pouring a glass of cola safely is almost a 2 person task.

So after scribbling some ideas on paper and making a few prototypes, the HandyPitcher™ was created in its current design and form.


is easy to use, it is intuitive and most importantly, it solves a major problem that anyone who has ever tried to pour a drink out of a 2 liter or 2.5 liter bottle or out of a large square milk carton knows ....... it is very difficult to hold those large containers while pouring.

But now you can add a handle and pour without spilling or the risk of having the bottle slip out of your hands.

Handy Pitcher™

is the solution you need to turn any bottle or drink container into a handy pitcher.

Use over and over for years to come!



was designed in 1998 to solve a common problem we all have:

Pouring a soda safely and easily!

- Pour and carry plastic bottles with ease.

- Carry more than one bottle at a time.

- Store containers in the fridge as usual.

- Use HandyPitcher™ over and over, bottle after bottle.

pouring a drink with HandyPitcher    carry plastic soda bottles with HandyPitcher bottles with HandyPitcher in the refrigerator    Wolfgang Link inventor of HandyPitcher

The HandyPitcher™ Bottle Handles shown in the pictures above are from our first small quantity test sample production run in 1998 and they are still in daily use today! The picture with 3 bottles in the fridge door was taken in May 2015 and these handles are still in perfect condition despite more than 15 years of use.

This is a high quality product, assembled in USA!