HandyPitcher™ - how it works - Bottle Handle

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Get HandyPitcher™ to add a handle and turn any bottle into a handy pitcher


Using the HandyPitcher™ is quick and easy:

HandyPitcher™ is a handle that attaches to soda or glass bottles and milk cartons or similar containers by wrapping the two hook and loop straps around it and simply pressing them in place. You can add a handle to many different size containers in seconds. Use over and over again, on bottle after bottle.



is simple in design and easy to use. We guarantee you that once you have used it, you will never want to pour another soft drink from a thin and flimsy plastic bottle without attaching the Handy Pitcher™ handle first.


To add a handle to a container, first wrap the straps around the bottle and feed the blue ends through the white rings ...

HandyPitcher turns any bottle into a pitcher