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Get HandyPitcher™ to add a handle and turn any bottle into a handy pitcher


Images of the Handy Pitcher™ that turns bottles into a pitcher:

Here are some pictures of the great HandyPitcher™ bottle handle:

The process of attaching the HandyPitcher™ handle to plastic bottles or milk cartons is so easy that you can do it in only 3 quick steps:
1) wrap the hook and loop straps around the plastic or glass bottle or a milk carton
2) feed the blue end of the strap through the plastic loop
3) pull the strap tight around the bottle and press the blue loop end against the strap
4) done - your HandyPitcher™ is attached and you can now easily pour drinks without messy spills.

The HandyPitcher™ is designed to fit 1, 2, 2.5, and some tall 3 liter plastic bottles, square milk cartons, glass bottles and many other containers of similar size. Shown in the pictures below are several different soda and drink bottles with the HandyPitcher™ attached. You can see how easy it is to add a handle to a bottle and convert it into an easy to pour pitcher. The HandyPitcher™ is made from very durable materials that can be washed in the event things get messy.



is assembled in the USA and the high quality materials ensure decades of use.

HandyPitcher turns bottle into pitcher step 1 HandyPitcher turns bottle into pitcher step 3
HandyPitcher turns bottle into pitcher step 2 Handy Pitcher turns bottle into pitcher step 4

Doesn't it look so much easier to pour a soda with the Handy Pitcher™?

Now imagine how much easier it is to pour milk from the carton with the HandyPitcher™ attached to it.

HandyPitcher pours soda from a bottle
HandyPitcher also fits on milk cartons

HandyPitcher™ does not get in the way when bottles go in the fridge.

easily get soda bottles out of the fridge with HandyPitcher
easily store soda bottles out of the fridge with Handy Pitcher

How many large plastic soda bottles can you carry with one hand without the HandyPitcher™?

Here you see one 2 liter bottle and two 2.5 liter bottles carried with one hand.   HandyPitcher™ also fits 3 liter bottles.

easily carry large plastic soda bottles with HandyPitcher
easily carry several soda bottles with one hand using Handy Pitcher™

Don't spill the wine. Use the HandyPitcher™ instead.

Classy? - ok, we will leave that up to you, but the HandyPitcher™ does fit most 750 ml glass bottles as well.

HandyPitcher fits glass and wine bottles to turn them into a pitcher